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| May 26, 2020

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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Holiday Season: E-Retailers Are You Prepared?

September 30, 2015 |

Two months till the holiday season, and e-shoppers are already warming up for a busy holiday sale. Statistics from Google showed that 30% e-shopper begin their holiday shopping before Halloween, so retailers are you prepared for this? Continue reading “Holiday Season: E-Retailers Are You Prepared?” »

Google Declined The French Demand to Globally Expand Right to be Forgotten

September 29, 2015 |

“The right to be forgotten” in Europe, forced search engines to remove inappropriate, outdated or any irrelevant information about an individual from search result pages, which was introduced back in 2014. Then Google developed a form to make it easy to submit requests.

Continue reading “Google Declined The French Demand to Globally Expand Right to be Forgotten” »

Introducing Allegro: The Polish online marketplace

September 28, 2015 | 1

In Europe, Poland is the 6th most crowded country, and has over 12 thousand online stores (reports Dotcom River). But, online marketplace “Allegro is said to be the most popular one, it controls Poland’s accounting with over 50% of e-commerce’s traffic. Conferring to various articles about Poland’s online marketplaces, Allegro is Poland’s number one place for shopping for apparel products, which accounts for over 40% of the market share. Continue reading “Introducing Allegro: The Polish online marketplace” »

The True Price of Having a Bad Customer Service

September 24, 2015 | 1

Having a bad customer service can you cost you a fortune. Companies who wish to stay in the business for the long haul, will have to be serious about removing bad customer service. Below, we are sharing with you the true influence of having a bad customer service and its effect on customer loyalty as well as customer satisfaction. Continue reading “The True Price of Having a Bad Customer Service” »

Top 5 Tips for International eCommerce Success

September 23, 2015 |

Developing into international markets is a significant way to expand your business and increase revenue. One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce is the opportunity to reach out to new international customer bases without needing a physical presence in the country. Continue reading “Top 5 Tips for International eCommerce Success” »

5 of the Most Innovative Food Packaging

September 22, 2015 |

Today we are going to show you 5 of the most innovative food packaging ever made. The creative power of the designers who have devoted their talent in the sphere of brand packaging, span heads of the cuisine industry around the world. Continue reading “5 of the Most Innovative Food Packaging” »

The Magento WordPress Integration

September 21, 2015 |

Even though Magento is widely used and far more preferred than WordPress, there are still a lot of secret admirers of WordPress in the Magento community. Despite the fact that Magento provides extremely strong e-commerce abilities with support for complex product differences and several shipping options, it’s completely lacking in CMS features. Therefore, many websites combine WordPress and Magento, so that they can take advantage of each platform’s distinctive strengths. Continue reading “The Magento WordPress Integration” »

A New Beginning for Facebook’s Ecommerce

September 18, 2015 |

With 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook continues adding new features to maintain their #1 social media platform. Having this said, did you know that Facebook has started working with its ecommerce master plan, which is called “Fcommerce”. Interesting right? Keep reading, it gets better… Continue reading “A New Beginning for Facebook’s Ecommerce” »

A Look At Global E-commerce Markets

September 18, 2015 |

Online shopping keeps boosting itself to a global level, as more and more countries are now getting in on this shopping trend. Take a look at the infographic below from Remarkety, which looks at online shopping in China, and around the entire world.


Continue reading “A Look At Global E-commerce Markets” »

Facebook’s “Dislike Button” is Finally Coming!

September 16, 2015 |

This is it folks! The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The “Dislike Button” is “very close” to having it ready for users to test it, said Mark Zuckerberg in a session held at Facebook’s headquarters in California. Continue reading “Facebook’s “Dislike Button” is Finally Coming!” »