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| December 6, 2019

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The 4 Major Events You Need to be Prepared for

The 4 Major Events You Need to be Prepared for

| On 02, Nov 2015

There are two months left, till the end of the year 2015, and e-commerce celebrations are coming pretty fast. So if you currently deliver your products internationally, prepare yourself for the upcoming events that will get you known all around the world!

The main events we are going to share with you today are, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Single’s Day and of course everyone’s top favourite, Christmas!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Originally comes from America, these two events are traditionally held every year in the end of November. It is referred to a period of MAJOR discounts, when we say major, we are talking about discounts that exceed 50%.
Black Friday traditionally is right after Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday refers to the following Monday and marks the end of the weekend with the shopping fever.
Today, more and more countries are seduced by this concept, and it is expected to reach £1 billion in Great Britain. So you might as well go ahead and increase the visibility on the platforms your items are on by offering some appealing promotions.


Single’s Day

Originally this is like an anti-Valentine’s Day joke among students in China. The ecommerce giant Alibaba gave this event a date back in 2009 which is now celebrated each year on the 11th November. This then escalated quickly making it a real commercial phenomenon.
Now this event is considered as the biggest online shopping days in the world, where Chinese benefit for various discounts and manage to spend freely.
Great opportunity for you to increase the visibility of your products on Chinese ecommerce platforms. Particularly that Chinese are increasing interest in ordering from foreign products.



The favourite time of the year for people from all around the world. Christmas, which brings an end to all the festivities.

This is great opportunity for you to take advantage of cross-border strategy, which will make you known on an international scale. If you already are embracing the cross-border strategy, then keep in mind that you need to adjust your offers according to each target market’s culture, as well as, establish tools, which will assist you in reassuring that your customers order overseas.

Christmas is a source of delight for e-shoppers, who are always hunting for some great deals and new products, in addition, it will allow you to distribute your catalogue on a larger scale!


We hope this article helps you in preparing everything on time for the shopping fever that is right around the corner. So, are you prepared? For the MAJOR shopping fever that is about to happen? If not, what are you waiting for?

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