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| December 6, 2019

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5 Best Courier Integrations for your E-business

5 Best Courier Integrations for your E-business

| On 05, Oct 2015

One of the final stages after a purchase has been made, is when your product goes from your control to a third party, the courier. It is crucial for every business to deliver as promised, ensuring the happiness of customers surely is the end goal in every retail. This also guarantees the building of many loyal customers.

And so, to cut out those “Where’s my order?” phone calls and to keep your customers happy, loyal and most importantly a continuous customer, we are going to share with you the top 5 best couriers (obtained from RealtimeDespatch) you can integrate with, which are going to save you all the trouble and time.


MetaPack Integration

OrderFlows order processing with Metapack’s delivery options.

Metapack is UK’s leading provider of delivery management and courier integration software. Metapack provides an innovative courier selection capability, making it possible to efficiently choose the right courier for you parcel. Together with OrderFlow, Metapack can provide an exceptionally powerful combination in order fulfilment. Furthermore, OrderFlow offers an advanced order processing workflow and warehouse management, and Metapack providing the range of courier options.


Royal Mail Integration

OrderFlow provides a variety of integration options for customers shipping parcels via Royal Mail.

OrderFlow integrates with Despatch Manager Online (DMO), which supports a wide range of Royal Mail services, such as: Tracked®, Special Delivery Guaranteed™ and more.

OrderFlow’s integration with DMO allows address and shipment details to be automatically supplied to DMO from OrderFlow when packing a shipment.

Royal Mail COSS

OrderFlow also includes a special implementation of the Royal Mail COSS (Customer Own System Solution), which are specification for efficient processing of Royal Mail Tracked, Royal Mail Tracked Next Day and other services.

Through COSS implementation, Royal Mail customers have the advantage of OrderFlow’s efficient order processing capability. This means that shipments can be grouped, picked and printed efficiently in batches.


ParcelForce Integration

RealTime Despatch integrates with ParcelForce Worldwide, in order to automate label printing and end of day reporting.

The Realtime Despatch system grants ParcelForce Worldwide barcode labels to be produced automatically. Either on a peel-off label within the paperwork that will be despatched with the order or as a separate label sent to a thermal label printer.

The great feature of Realtime Despatch is that it streamlines the whole ParcelForce Worldwide despatch process, this means that no information is needed to be re-keyed to produce the label or even capture the tracking reference. Furthermore, ParcelForce Worldwide documentation is created automatically.


UPS Integration

OrderFlow’s UPS integration allows for streamlined UPS shipment validation and label printing within a powerful order and warehouse management framework.

UPS is great! It is one of the largest logistics companies worldwide. UPS provides delivery to the entire globe!

OrderFlow supports direct integration with UPS by its XML HTTP API, meaning that you do not need to install any IPS software in your warehouse to ship via UPS.

UPS labels are returned to OrderFlow as JPEG images that can be printed for individual at the packing desk, or in some cases, printed in batch as part of a picking run.

OrderFlow also supports multi-package UPS shipments. In such case, the packer simply cancels the shipment with UPS, divides it up into packages as required and then resubmits the shipment to UPS.


DPD integration

OrderFlow integrates with the DPD’s ship@ease desktop software to automate label printing and capturing of despatch references.

OrderFlow grants DPD domestic and international barcode labels to be produced automatically the DPD’s ship@ease software.

OrderFlow also grants fine-grained control of the output which is presented to ship@ease, making it simple to make changes when necessary to achieve business objectives.



There are tons of amazing features these courier integrations provide. All you have to do is choose which one suits your business best. We hope you find this article useful and if you do please share it, because sharing is caring!

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