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| December 6, 2019

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5 Customer Service Points Every Business Should Implement

5 Customer Service Points Every Business Should Implement

| On 01, Oct 2015

Customer service plays an extremely important part in developing your business and in increasing sales. With our experience, we realized that when implementing a high level of support to our Customer Service department, our reports have shown a remarkable growth in results. And that is why today, we would like to share 5 crucial point every company should implement in their business.



1. Listen:

Businesses often misunderstand the whole customer service idea, by believing that they know what a customer wants. Avoid approaching customers with a paper of prepared questions on it, you simply just need to ask how they use your product or service, whether they like it, and ask what is it they don’t like (if they don’t like you product/service in the first place).Then, you listen. If you are prepared to listen without judgement – what you are going to gain will be priceless.


2. If you promise something – you keep it:

To customers, promises are a big deal. Whether it’s the CEO or a front-line representative, it doesn’t matter who made the promise, customers expect it to be kept. If your business is doing a weak job following through on anything, from promised replacements to a cancellation policy, you are in for a massive loss of customers and public trust. You might want to start keeping your promises.


3. Customers expect you to be available:

If your customer service works from 9 am till 5pm on weekdays, you should know that this does NOT cut it anymore. Customer expect you to be available on many platforms. If you only trust your online forums or don’t even have real-time chat or an email service available, then it’s time for you to make a change, and create a better service to interact with your customers even internationally.


4. Recruit employees based on attitude and skills:

If you’re about to hire someone new into your business, make sure they not only have the right skills for the position, but that they also have the right attitude. So make sure that when you hire people with a cooperative, positive attitude, your company’s position will be much better positioned to offer the kind of customer service that will stand out in your industry.


5. The way you treat your employees, will be the way they treat customers:

Keeping it simple, you cannot expect your employees to be giving their best to your clients while you’re treating them poorly. As a company with a professional customer service, we advise you to consider your employees like you would your customers, and aim to grant them an amazing experience every day when they come to work.

By creating this kind of atmosphere doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Basically a simple way to say thank you for the great work they are doing. When they see it, it can go a long way in building confidence in employees.


These 5 lessons ensure a great experience to your customers, leaving them satisfied and building in customer loyalty.
Stay tuned, we have planned a part two with another 5 great points for creating a sustainably efficient customer service team.

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