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| December 6, 2019

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5 More Customer Service Points Every Business Should Implement

5 More Customer Service Points Every Business Should Implement

| On 06, Oct 2015

Last week, we published a great article for the customer service department called “5 customer service points every business should implement”. So, as we promised, today we will be sharing another 5 great points for building a sustainably efficient customer service team.

Obtain great tools for providing a great service

Customer service and customer tracking, don’t work well on sticky notes, some entrepreneurs even get tempted by purchasing the cheapest Customer Relationship Management software, but this can also be doubtful. What you can do instead, is think about how to best enable your employees to give the service your customers deserve, and purchase a CRM tool or better yet, any tool that you think might be needed to make that happen. Your customer and staff will definitely be thankful for this.


You can win the battle or lose the war

This is specifically related to the disagreements with customers, and it can be quite difficult to learn. Quite often, entrepreneurs tend to get so narrowly focused on what it’s going to take for their business to succeed, that they fail to notice when exceptions to established policies are necessary.

A customer can be asking for anything, from something that’s against your policy, to a refund you normally wouldn’t grant. So, before you say “No”, you might want to consider the cost of the exception compared to the lifetime value of a customer.


Avoiding a brand meltdown online

In the hyper-connected world we live in today, it is most certain that there will be someone out there who is going to say something bad about you on social media. But that’s just the reality of being the public cypher of a customer-facing company.

The important part is how you deal with this. You need to make sure that the person dealing with the social media accounts is cool under pressure and more concentrated on building trust and goodwill. So replying appropriately in such situations is one of the keys to avoiding a brand meltdown.


You need a complaint handling system

In a study conducted by professor Mary Jo Bitner in 2013 said that “Most of those who reported a complaint – 56 percent – say they got absolutely nothing as a result, up 9 percentage points since 2011”

So in case you can’t fulfil your customer’s demands, at least make sure that they feel heard. Even if it’s a letter, an e-mail or a call-back, whatever you can think of, just make sure you inform the customer about how the concern was handled.


You cannot control what you cannot measure

Since you are trying to provide your customers with the best possible service, appropriate measurements of your efforts is necessary. Having systems setup in place are going to make it easier to comprehend how your service is going. Surveys can provide you with valuable information points, as you can follow-up emails, and random sampling outcalls.


Customer service is not a place that can be ignored in any business, excluding the fact how high the quality of your product or service is. By taking advantage of those 5 great points along with the previous article (which you can find here) and putting them in use, you will definitely find yourself on your way to making a great impression on customer and most of all, growing your business as a result.

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