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| February 17, 2020

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5 Most Weird Website Domains

5 Most Weird Website Domains

| On 29, Jul 2015

Naming your website/store isn’t as easy as naming your children. There are two things you need to follow when it comes to naming your website/store.

One is, come up with a very attractive, cool and unique name, that will be pleasing to the ear and most certainly, memorable. And second, you have to make sure your domain wouldn’t sound as weird as the ones we are about to show you.

  1. is one of our favorite. The restaurant is located in Florida on the Gulf coast. Great restaurant, with not so much of a great name.


2. Another great example of a weird website name, would be company deals with information technologies and it is supposed to be read as “IT Scrap”, rather than “”. So you might want to avoid “Scrap” in your website’s name.


3.” is a database of ‘entertainment industry contacts’. Although it sounds like it’s involved in a whole different type of business.


4. This took us a while till we figure it out. This is a website for the law firm reads. Eventually, we noticed that the website’s domain name “” can be misread by many others. The company’s lawyers have noticed that as well, and have shortened the name to “”.


5. “”. This website is for teachers, who would like to develop their language        abilities.


Therefore, always take a considerate amount of time to think through the aspects and perceptions. These are crucial features for the success of any brand.

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