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| December 11, 2019

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5 of the Most Innovative Food Packaging

5 of the Most Innovative Food Packaging

| On 22, Sep 2015

Today we are going to show you 5 of the most innovative food packaging ever made. The creative power of the designers who have devoted their talent in the sphere of brand packaging, span heads of the cuisine industry around the world.

Let’s have a look at the unique packaging techniques that designers have come up with.


The Togo Burger


The Togo Burger’s concept was created by Seulbi Kim, who was awarded in the Core77 Designs Awards in 2013. Kim anticipated a take-away package, which would not only be suitable for customers but also for the fast-food industry. The package utilizes less paper than the average take-away package and also minimizes clutter for easy carrying.


NYC Spaghetti



Alex Creamer initiated a University project called the NYC Spaghetti, and managed on winning several awards. He NYC Spaghetti have also been featured in design books. Creamer aimed his focus on the spaghetti rather than the box design, by using the Chrysler building shape and pushing it right under the box to shape the spaghetti’s end result.


Thelma’s Treats



The co-owner of Thelma’s Treats Dereck Lewis, came up with the cute oven box concept using the memory of his great-grandmother Thelma. Thelma envisioned the oven box concept back in the 1950s. This great oven box concept perfectly joins the comfort of that memory with a cute package.


Teapee Amerindian Herbal Teas



Sophie Pepin, also the designer of Montreal, wanted to design a clean and contemporary look to contrast with typical American Red Indian Cliches. These Teapees are creative and unique on both the inside and out, along with geometric designs on the exterior and a fold that opens in order to reveal the teabag. Pretty cool right?


Maida’s Particulars


The concept for Maida’s Particulars jars was created by the designers of an Italian studio NJU: Comunicazione. Each of the images on the caps of the jar represent Cilento, which is where the Maida biofarm is located.



We hope you find these designs and concepts inspirational for reaching great designs of your own product.

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