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| May 26, 2020

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5 Product Labels Hilariously Lost in Translation

5 Product Labels Hilariously Lost in Translation

| On 09, Oct 2015

Start your day with a good laugh, because today we are going to share with you 5 product names that hilariously turn out to have quite unfortunate meanings in other languages. We are warning you, some of the words used are quite offensive. 

Let’s get started…

First up, is this can filled with deliciousness called Fresca, in Spain Fresca means fresh, which totally makes sense. But sadly, in Mexico Fresca is a slang for “Lesbian”.


lumia 12
Lumia is not a widely used word in Spain, but it tends to mean “Prostitute” in some dialects.


The great famous latte, happens to mean “Erection” in Germany. So if you’re visiting Germany, you might want to avoid saying “Let’s go get a Latte”, perhaps sticking with beer which is a very popular drink in Germany would be better.


Sega changed the pronunciation of its brand to “See-ga”, which in Italian has two meanings. One meaning is, it’s a chainsaw or a saw, and its second meaning is “Masturbate” which is mostly used in central Italy. So now you know.



This company has quite a story. It tried to sell their products in France, but they faced a lot of issues with the whole procedure. All this because “Gerber” means “Puke” in French.


So folks, we hope this encourages you to take care when coming up with the name of your product/brand, as we can all see why.
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