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| January 28, 2020

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5 More Reasons Why You Need a Multilingual Website

5 More Reasons Why You Need a Multilingual Website

| On 17, Dec 2015

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We have already shared 5 solid reasons to why you need a multilingual website. So, today we will share another 5 great reasons to why your website needs to be multilingual, so that you will be able to stay ahead.


#1 Moves Away from English Internet Consumers:

The internet began as an English speaker’s invention and as a result was dominated by English speaking user sites. Conversely, times are changing.

A research was carried out by Neilsen-Netratings in March 2005 described foreign internet markets as “low hanging fruit”, which means that if you have the determination and forethought there will be massive revenues to be found for a fairly little effort. Results have shown that internet use in the traditional strong holds of the USA, Germany, the UK and Sweden is flat lining. On the contrary, countries such as France, Hong Kong, Italy and Japan are seeing significant growth in the internet usage. We are in the 21st century after all.

As the senior analyst at Nielsen-Netratings, Kaizad Gotla states:

“The easiest opportunities are in countries where internet usage patterns and user/site relationships are less established. Acquiring users in markets that are currently in their growth stages will lead to a loyal user base that will pay dividends for internet companies in the future.”


#2 Trust

Many cultures have a trust issue when it comes to purchasing over the internet, especially if they feel it is in a language they are not fully proficient in. When you offer your customers a language alternative, this allows them to feel secure in the fact they know what they are buying, how and from who.


#3 Cultural Sensitiveness

If a multilingual website is designed properly, it will overcome potential cultural barriers through giving access in a native language. This will automatically put the user in a ‘culture comfort zone’ because of their being able to navigate, understand and interact with the website.


#4 An Opportunity to Beat Your Competitors

To develop the competitive advantage in today’s environment you need to think outside the box.
Many businesses try to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Have a look at your competitors – If they have a multilingual website then why don’t you? If they don’t, then why not lead the marketplace and establish your company or brand abroad before they do.



#5 It Illustrates International Nature

Today, image is everything. A multilingual website demonstrates you thing, work and deal internationally.


These are another 5 great reasons to why you might want to convert your website, to a multilingual one. Also, please keep in mind that we can always help you out further, supporting all your needs in different countries, we are ready to listen and take action.

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