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| February 17, 2020

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5 Solid Reasons Why You Need a Multilingual Website

5 Solid Reasons Why You Need a Multilingual Website

| On 28, Oct 2015

In today’s world, the internet is tremendously growing and plays an important role for businesses and individuals searching for goods and services.

If you’re in the business and are willing to get that competitive advantage, a multilingual website now presents one of the highest effect of growing a business and acquiring greater sales.

So today we are going to share with you 5 great reasons why you need to make your website multilingual.


  1. Opens doors to new customers

Having your website reachable to thousands of individuals, you are actually advertising your company around the world. Eventually the greatest asset of having a multilingual website is that it brings you potential customers.


  1. Sales

The more languages you translate your website to, the higher the potential is to increasing sales. Keep in mind that if your website is translated to a few or even all of the major world languages (which are Spanish, French, German and Italian) there is a potential of a 400 percent increase in sales. Doesn’t that just brighten your day a little more?


  1. Customer-Centric

Having a website that is multilingual illustrates that you are thinking about the customer. This extra effort shows you have thought and cared enough about your customers to offer the website in their language. Just like with anything in businesses, if a customer thinks and sees that you care, they will want to do business with you.


  1. Cost effective Marketing tool

A multilingual website enables you to communicate to an entire new international audience in their own native language, will most surely increase not only sales, but also in terms of marketing and creating awareness of your brand, product and/or service.


A translated website is one of the most powerful and cost effective way of advertising your company, capturing new potential users, as well as, building relationships with new clients and grants your brand an international outlook.


  1. Search Engines

Search engines are developing and also play a role in the success and the marketing of your website, they are focused on the practices and needs of their users. Search engines are a vital key to tapping markets and bear in mind that unless they have access to a particular language through your multilingual website, then your page will most likely be buried somewhere in between pages 4 – 10.
Furthermore, main search engines like Google are emerging the capacity to run searches in foreign language. So, when you have your website in those languages, this definitely ensures maximum potential for your site being picked up in searches.


Businesses gradually see changes and shift. Multilingual websites are still in their early stages, and are mostly used by large multinational companies. Nevertheless, multilingual website will be eventually boom and will take part in the internet presence. So, whether you choose to invest in it now or later, the choice is only up to you.

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