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| December 11, 2019

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5 Tips to Successfully Sell on Alibaba

5 Tips to Successfully Sell on Alibaba

| On 01, Sep 2015

We’ve noticed we shared a lot of information and tips for eBay and Amazon, and so now it’s time to share some useful information on the e-commerce giant Alibaba. We are going to reveal you 5 very useful tips for successfully selling your items on Alibaba.

 Let’s get started….

  1. Become a Gold Provider: Becoming a member and sell your items on Alibaba is absolutely free. Although, prospective buyers might discover you the hard way, unless of course you become a gold supplier. Believe it or not, this membership service is said to be the core source of income for this platform. Members that are a part of this membership have access to extra features, and it also includes a service “buyer seller matching”. This membership also improves seller rankings in the search engine of Alibaba.
  2. Proactively approach buyers: After you become a Gold Supplier, sellers can search for relevant buyers and they have the option to contact them with a “quote” for the item that they are in the market for. This grants suppliers more power to gain business rather than wait to be approached.
  3. Get familiar with the market: It doesn’t matter if you are selling your items to International or Chinese customers, you should consider understanding the market. Do some marketing research for Alibaba and for the product you want to sell on that platform. There are some rare cases, where you need to adjust your offer to fit the customer’s demands.

  4. Add multiple languages: Alibaba provides multi language sites, this allows a larger access to customers and clients base by providing those who might not be comfortable doing transactions in English. It’s a great advantage.
  5. Target your customers: If you’re targeting everyone, you end up targeting absolutely no one. So, you might want to consider identifying your right audience and sell it to them.

These short tips are quite efficient and mandatory for successfully selling your products on Alibaba. Stay tuned, this week we have more tips and tools for Alibaba, do not miss it. Found this useful? Please like and share.

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