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| December 11, 2019

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5 Youngest Successful Entrepreneurs: Find Your Inspiration Through Their Stories

5 Youngest Successful Entrepreneurs: Find Your Inspiration Through Their Stories

| On 19, Aug 2015

We already showed you the richest entrepreneurs, richest females in the tech industries, and the most humble business start-ups, for your inspiration. And so, today’s post will be about the most successful young entrepreneurs, and by young, we are talking about youngsters who founded their businesses before the age of 20!!! Their stories are so inspirational, and they actually remind us something important: It is never too late or too early to pursue your dreams.

Let’s have a look at what these youngsters have been up to…


  1. Hart Main – This awesome kid was only 14 years old when he came up with the idea of manly scented candles. His sister was selling scented candles for a fundraiser school, and as an older brother, he started teasing her about how girlish her candle’s scent was and for not selling any candle’s with scents that men (like him) would like. His sister didn’t think that he would fully follow the manly scented candles idea, but eventually he did. Main initiated with investing $100, his parents added $200 more, and they worked together as a group to produce the candles. The candle’s scent he produces include: Campfire, Grandpa’s Pipe, Bacon, Sawdust and more. Currently, ManCans candles are available over 60 stores across in his home country- America.


  2. Fraser Doherty – At age of 14, Doherty started making jams from his grandmother’s recipes. As the word spread out, Doherty started getting more orders than he had time to fill in jam jars. Next thing you know, he drops out of school, rents a 200- person factory for a few days every month. In 2007, a U.K supermarket reached Doherty about selling his jams. His jams added shelf space in 184 stores! At the end of 2007, his company made $750,000 in sales. Ever since, his company continued growing throughout Europe.



  3. Jack Kim – This is the teenager genius that founded Benelab, a search engine that generates donations. Kim already had some search engines in the past and quickly learned the power of a search engine in making revenue just from little traffic. He explains that the search engine’s mission is “To make philanthropy easy and more accessible”. Kim established a “no adults” rule, and began to recruit classmates to be part of his “non-profit organization with a start-up vibe” team. Kim is not sure what will happen to Benelab when he graduates, but his target is to get the company to $100,000 before his graduation.


  4. Garrett Gee – He turned a lucky guess into a business. When the iPad 2 was about to come out, he guessed that there would soon be a blog post somewhere listing the top 10 apps for the device. After recognizing there should be an easier to use and less clunky QR code software and apps, he made it his mission to be the first one to offer such a product fit for the iPad 2. When they launched the iPad 2 he got it into the hands of the IOS developer, and after spending 2 sleepless nights, he had accomplished his goal. He guessed it correctly! His guess about the blog post was also right! He recruited two of his fellow classmates, and together they launched scan in February 2011. They raised $1.5 million from venture capitalists, and Google Ventures, and in their first scan, they earned 10 million downloads. In October 2011 the number of downloads reached 21 million.

    ** ADVANCE FOR TUESDAY, MAY 2 **  Cameron Johnson, 21, pose during a visit to New York, Monday April 24, 2006.  Johnson, from Roanoke, Va., started in business from the time he was nine.  (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

  5. Cameron Johnson – He started at age of 9 with making invitation cards for his parent’s holiday party. Only after 2 years, Johnson made thousands of dollars from selling cards through his company, which he called Cheers & Tears. At age 12, he paid his sister a $100 for 30 Beanie Babies and sold them on eBay for 10 times what he paid. He then purchased the dolls directly from the manufacturer and in less than a year he made a $50,000 profit. With the money he earned, he started an Internet business that brought in $3000 per month. By the time he was 15, he had formed other businesses with total revenues of $300,000 to $400,000 per month – quite a story there!

Bottom line is, no excuse is good enough for not pursuing your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. With the above inspiring young owners, it is clear that it doesn’t matter how old or young you are, or how big or small your idea is!  Entrepreneurship can be achieved by different demographics. All that is required from you is to get your idea to blossom.


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