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| December 11, 2019

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6 Easy Steps For Optimizing Your eBay Listings for Mobile User Experience

6 Easy Steps For Optimizing Your eBay Listings for Mobile User Experience

| On 17, Jul 2015

In 2014 eBay made $28 billion only from mobile purchases. Mobile commerce is crucial for eBay and in the Q1 of 2015 eBay reports show that 52% of their consumers make their purchases through smartphones.

Using eBay listing services, helps you to increase your customers and engage better with the products.

Below are some advices, how to optimize your listings on eBay:

  1. Inserting pictures in the listing

Avoid uploading pictures in the description field of your listing, because most consumers don’t scroll that far anyway.

2. Put relevant pictures of the product

Upload high resolution images. EBay app lets you upload images from 800px to 1600 pixels. This enables the zoom feature automatically, providing consumers to preview fine details of your product.

  1. Try editing your images

Crop your photos tightly or edit them (keeping the focus on the product) so that the picture fits the frame perfectly.

  1. Remove the HTML in the listing

Keep it simple, the cleaner the look the more attractive it is! HTML included in the description looks chaotic. Try to avoid adding it there.

  1. Write appropriate text

Word count does matter! Do not make your listing too long. Make sure you restate the title in the descriptions, keep your text brief, accurate and as simple as in bullet points. You don’t need to babble on.

  1. Keep information tidy and in its place

Don’t put information that has a home somewhere else. Information on returns, postage or delivery have their own place in the listing content.

Finally, grant yourself some time to get familiar with the eBay app, so you can get an idea of how it works. Also, make sure you review your listings a couple of times before you make them live on eBay.

E-Motive is completely aware of what today’s modern business world is all about, and we can assure every client that mobile purchases are constantly increasing on eBay.

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