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| December 11, 2019

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6 Solid Reasons Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Business To Bulgaria

6 Solid Reasons Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Business To Bulgaria

| On 17, Aug 2015

It has been years now, and companies continue to struggle with deciding where to outsource their business. We found out the two major problems companies face when choosing a country for outsourcing; one is, high costs of outsourcing their customer service to onshore places, and two, is the low service levels prevalent in offshore locations.
We are going to show you strong reasons to why Bulgaria is the right place for outsourcing your business, which might be the solution to most company’s problems!

  1. Competitive prices: We know that one of the major costs when gathering a customer service team is labor. Setting up your operation in Bulgaria can significantly cut prices. In Bulgaria, companies that outsource can save up to 50 %, making it the country with most competitive income levels in Europe!
  2. Extremely skilled workforce: Bulgaria ranks first in Europe in IT-certified specialists per capita! Which means that reliability, quality and innovation are just a small part of all the unique qualities Bulgarian companies have. So, Bulgaria is not only great place where you can expect competitive workforce remuneration, but it is also a place where you can expect powerful development in every outsourced procedure, escorted by additional solutions for quality perfection.
  3. Easy communications: English is the most common language met among specialists in Bulgaria, and particularly in the customer service field, where the knowledge of one foreign language is mandatory. Actually, many professionals don’t only speak English, but they also speak at least one or more additional foreign languages, thus ignoring any communication boundaries with some of the European countries.
  4. No time zone issues: Bulgaria happens to be in a very close time zone with most European countries, which means there are no time zone issues. Clients can communicate easily and smoothly with their dedicated teams throughout the working day.
  5. Successful companies do it: There are many big companies that are outsourcing to Bulgaria. Among them are: HP, Coca-Cola, IBM and Sony are just some of them, but the list goes on. Cisco, 60K, SutherLand, AT Kearney, eBay, Sky, and Seatwave – all of them outsourced a part or their entire customer service to Bulgaria. Furthermore, companies state that after just one year, the outsourced procedures achieved tangible development in performance.
  6. Low tax rate: 10% flat tax rate – the lowest tax rate in Europe.

Bulgaria is increasingly attracting new businesses to outsource in it, and with all the above attracting points, the answer to your question “Where to outsource?” suddenly seems clear.

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