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| December 11, 2019

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A Look At Global E-commerce Markets

A Look At Global E-commerce Markets

| On 18, Sep 2015

Online shopping keeps boosting itself to a global level, as more and more countries are now getting in on this shopping trend. Take a look at the infographic below from Remarkety, which looks at online shopping in China, and around the entire world.



The most important aspect to note in this infographic is that China remains the #1 online shopping market in the world. In 2015, China is expected to earn about $526 billion e-commerce sales. As for the most interesting fact, is that 33% of the ecommerce sales are conducted via mobile phones and another 33% is through tablets. As for the other countries, there are only two having a more enhanced mobile spending, which are Japan and South Korea. South Korea has more than 50% of their entire online spending coming from smartphones, and most probably this is because of South Korea’s internet being the fastest in the world.

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