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| December 11, 2019

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A New Beginning for Facebook’s Ecommerce

A New Beginning for Facebook’s Ecommerce

| On 18, Sep 2015

With 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook continues adding new features to maintain their #1 social media platform. Having this said, did you know that Facebook has started working with its ecommerce master plan, which is called “Fcommerce”. Interesting right? Keep reading, it gets better…

Facebook sees so much potential when it comes to approaching e-shoppers directly on its platform. So now, it is not only helping people in finding brands online but is also working on helping them shop on their platform.

Facebook has created easy access to everyone, so that they can connect with their friends and family all over the world. Thus, making it the perfect place where they can make suggestions about products and ask for opinions (two of the main things in social commerce). People are already using Facebook in this way, but with some of the new feature recently added, they are one step closer to purchasing items without having to visit other websites.

Through this ecommerce development, Facebook is slowly becoming a true money-maker for retailers, who want to build stronger bonds with their customers and have a further more precise reach when it comes to promoting their offers.


The buy Button




The buy button was one of the first steps Facebook took in the ecommerce world, which was announced back in 2014. Whether people are using Facebook from a mobile, tablet, PC or laptop, this button’s purpose is to allow people to purchase products directly from the brand’s Fan Pages.

The “buy” button is still in its testing phases, Facebook seems to be having plans for launching it in the near future.

Facebook is also planning on adding the “buy” button to Instagram, which they bought somewhere in 2012 after realizing the latter’s undeniable fame among people who like to share images and videos.


Business on Messenger



The new business on messenger has been launched to some American cities, which will help businesses communicate straight up with their customers. The new CRM tool will be helping retailers in being more organized and interact with customers both during the shopping process and after it.

In a latest article on Buzzfeed, it appears that Facebook wants to go even further with its ecommerce strategy. Facebook also wants to create “mini-sites”, which will be included within its pages. Thanks to this major step as well, users will be able to purchase countless items on Facebook with the “Buy” button.

Facebook continues in adding great new features and expanding itself in the eCommerce field. This is great news for retailers, this way they will continue maintaining their relationship with their customers on Facebook, as well as increasing their conversion rates and revenue.

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