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| December 6, 2019

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Benefits of Translating Your E-store/Website

Benefits of Translating Your E-store/Website

| On 11, Sep 2015

Did you know that most people around the world prefer reading in their mother language when surfing websites. Yes, the secret ingredient for globalizing your eCommerce website or e-store, is translating it in various languages. Translating your content, listings on eBay and your entire website in different languages is very important for if you’re expanding internationally. Furthermore, translating can remarkably increase profits and the success of your business. Today, we are going to share with you some tools and benefits for translating you websites/e-stores.

To begin with, let us show you some facts (obtained from UK TechTrans) about the language use on the internet.

  • If you thought that English is a widely spoken language, think again. 70% of the world does not speak English, and 57% of websites showing their content in English.
  • Two-thirds of the internet users are not native English speaker, and the numbers keep growing.
  • More than half of the Google searches are in any other language, but not in English.
  • 90% of internet users in the European Union state that, when a website is translated in various languages, they end up visiting the websites in their own language.


Benefits of website/e-store translation:

  1. Even if you are not willing to expand, translating your e-store or website will automatically do that for you.
  2. Translating your website’s products and services increases its appearance more in search engines.
  3. It builds confidence in you brand. By providing your customers with a website that’s accurately translated, it gets them to trust your company more.
  4. Localization of your translated website creates a familiar message for potential customers by applying the proper terms and usage for a specific market on your website/e-store.
  5. Translating your website/e-store also improves your brand image. When you offer information and services in multiple languages, it builds credibility, thus making your website/e-store look more professional.


Tools for translating your websites/e-stores:


Translation programmes:

There are numerous programmes for translating your website/e-stores into any language automatically. Yes, it is cheap and comparatively simple, but it is not recommended. It is important to note that translation programmes are not accurate (give completely wrong translations leading to deep misunderstandings) and most of them do not deliver high quality translation.

Example of translation programmes: Babylon


Hire a freelance translator or a native speaker:

Freelancers or native speaker is also an option for translating your e-store/website. They tend to deliver high quality content, and is a better option from the above mentioned point. Unfortunately, there is a problem with trust and with experience, as cannot be specialized in all of them, and it’s difficult to have a freelance working for you many times.

An example of freelancer/native speakers can be found here.


Hire a third-party solution provider that specialises in translating:

Specialised service providers, have professional lingual skills and can localize you website/e-store as well. Some third-party solution provider like E-Motive Online, even provide multi-lingual customer service enabling a store to close the circle attracting customers, making pre-sales and post-sales. Thus increasing revenue.


We hope this article was useful enough for you to know the importance of translating your websites/e-stores and to help you reach the right decision. We would also like to inform you, that E-Motive’s promotions are still running, if there is anything we can do for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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