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| April 3, 2020

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Brazil 2014 World Cup to Boost the E-Commerce Segment

Brazil 2014 World Cup to Boost the E-Commerce Segment

| On 13, Jan 2014

Without a doubt, one of the biggest sports event in 2014 will be the World Cup in Brazil. The market expect a boost to the e-commerce business segment with 27% or R$39.5 billion ($16.6 billion). Such a massive event brings a lot of benefits, especially financial and economical. And despite the slowing economy and increasing levels of personal debt, World Cup 2014 is expected to unlock even more the e-commerce purchase power.

Last years, the Brazilian e-commerce segment generated around R$31.1 billion ($13.1 billions). The statistics shows that over 53 million people made purchases online in 2013. One of the top product categories were fashion, accessories, home appliance and electronics. But, I assume that  sporting goods and electronics will take 1st seat, simply because of the World Cup.

Key points for the grow of the e-commerce during before and during the World Cup tournament is the development of the infrastructure and 4G connection, which enable people to shop and to receive goods faster. That`s why the experts predict that the electronic and sport goods will lead the e-commerce purchase statistics.

Of course, these are only suggestion how the World Cup will affect the Brazilian economy. More important is to have fun and enjoy with the best football players in the world.

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