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| April 3, 2020

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10 Tips For A Successful Christmas

December 22, 2015 |

Reading time: 2 minutes


Top 10 Christmas tips revealed, to ensure your ecommerce website has a successful Christmas this year.


We hope these tips boost up your sales this Christmas, and leave your customers satisfied with their … Read More

The Man Who Bought A Piece Of Desert From eBay and Made His Own Country

December 21, 2015 |

Reading time: 3 minutes.


Zaq Landsberg had a great idea of creating his own country, after seeing an ad for eBay. He bought two hectares of land for just €550 in the Great Salt Lake in northern Utah (USA).

Read More

Europe Demands a Guarantee Period of 2 Years

December 10, 2015 |

Reading time: 1 minute


Yesterday on the 9th of December the European Commission presented a proposal which balances the guarantee period for online shoppers in all member states. If this is accepted, it will be a huge change for consumers and merchants in Europe as well. This could also really boost cross-border ecommerce. Continue reading “Europe Demands a Guarantee Period of 2 Years” »

Mark Zuckerberg Announced a Massive New Charity

December 3, 2015 |

Reading time: 3 minutes 


Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have recently announced the birth of their baby girl Max. That’s not just about it.


Along with that joyful news, Mark plans to give away 99% of his Facebook stock over the course of his life. That gift is currently worth $45 billion. Continue reading “Mark Zuckerberg Announced a Massive New Charity” »

The Biggest Ever Cyber Monday

December 1, 2015 |

Reading time: 1 minute


Shoppers are on the way to spend approximately $3 billion yesterday.

Continue reading “The Biggest Ever Cyber Monday” »

Hottest items Sold on eBay on Black Friday

November 30, 2015 |

Reading time: 3 minutes


Having in mind that the shopping days are still not over, and in fact they keep coming, we are going to show you the top selling items from eBay’s giant data troves.

Continue reading “Hottest items Sold on eBay on Black Friday” »

UK’s Black Friday Online Shopping and E-commerce Sales Set to Double

November 26, 2015 |

Reading time: 3 minutes


Researches suggests that retailers could expect spending to double this year – but this month’s payday could be postponing customer’s shopping until Cyber Monday.

Continue reading “UK’s Black Friday Online Shopping and E-commerce Sales Set to Double” »

Coolest Kitchen Appliances

November 20, 2015 |

This year, kitchen appliances were brought to a whole new level. This 2015 has sure been a great year for kitchen inventors. You just wait till we show you what sort of appliances have been invented. Continue reading “Coolest Kitchen Appliances” »

Magento: The Next-Generation of Commerce

November 19, 2015 |

Magento has officially made their announcement, Magento 2.0. Our team defines it as the next step in open source, a solution that opens huge improvements, a solution that opens new doors. Continue reading “Magento: The Next-Generation of Commerce” »

5 Future Retail Displays

November 18, 2015 | 1

Reading time: 3 minutes


Today we are sharing with you 5 digital displays that merge online and offline shopping experiences. Continue reading “5 Future Retail Displays” »