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| November 15, 2019

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Coolest Kitchen Appliances

Coolest Kitchen Appliances

| On 20, Nov 2015

This year, kitchen appliances were brought to a whole new level. This 2015 has sure been a great year for kitchen inventors. You just wait till we show you what sort of appliances have been invented.

These gadgets range from the lowest technology possible to the positively futuristic, and they are absolutely cool. Even Chef’s over the world, will be WAWED.


Let’s dig into it…


Number one on the list is the one and only, Imperial Spherificator.


imperical spherificator

This amazing kitchen appliance can convert, any- and I mean any– liquefied food into caviar or what they like to call it, food pearls.

“The only limit is your imagination and your creativity.”  Have a look at the video at their website, for a detailed introduction to this creative kitchen appliance.


Meet “Somabar



Somabar is simply amazing. If this really is as cool as it looks, your neighbourhood bar will have a serious competition. This countertop machine crafts cocktails just at the push of a button. Six Soma Pods distribute the idea amount of each liquor or mixer into your glass, according to how strong you would like your cocktail to be. And that’s not it. The machine can be controlled by an app on your phone, which also suggests cocktails based on the ingredients in your pods.


Butter Mill


butter mill

We’ve all suffered from cold butter and crunchy crackers, you know the pain is real. The Butter Mill grinds thin, soft butter shavings that guarantee easy spreading over the softest slice of bread.

And, you get to store it in the fridge.





Beer lovers around the world, meet PicoBrew. You get to brew your own beer of 5 liter mini-kegs. PicoBrew linceses recipes and ingredients from about 70 craft breweries and 350 home-brewers worldwide. This means, that you can brew tap-quality beer on your countertop in a week. It starts shipping in 2016 – thought you might be interested.





Bakers know that measuring ingredients is the best way to get perfect results, every.single.time.

You download the related app on your phone; then the scale measures ingredients and actually tells you when you’ve added enough.

You even get to mix drinks on the same scale. It tells you how much and when to add liquors. It’s precise, you don’t need the guess-and-check of traditional kitchen scale.

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