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| April 4, 2020

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E-Commerce Trends in 2014

E-Commerce Trends in 2014

| On 07, Jan 2014

Without a doubt, 2013 was a very successful for the E-Commerce market.  And this is giving us reasons to believe that this will continue in 2014. The slightly difference will be with the possible new trends which we must follow and “absorb” in order to stay competitive in the online retail market.

In this article, I am not going to talk generally about eBay, Amazon, CMS, flying drones etc., but more general trends that might became even more important in 2014. I am making note here, that this is my observations and predictions.

  1. The most important trend in my opinion in 2014 will be the mobile/tablet user experience. These online platforms are changing our searching & buying behavior.  The mobile commerce demands the need for outstanding shopping experience and I think this will be a major need in 2014.
  2. We cannot promote better our products without the SEM services. This is including SEO, PPC (Pay per Click) and PLA (Product Listing Ads).  Even with the harsh Google updates and changes in 2013, it`s still very profitable to receive traffic from organic searches. Combine with higher ranking in Paid Search and the amazing feature in PLA, you can be sure that 2014 will be very profitable.
  3. A change based on data is something also very important to have in mind during 2014. Now online merchants have all the data, but how the will interpret it and turn it into advantage is the question? There are tools that can analyse – sales, buying/selling trends, personalize data, conversion and much more.
  4. Be more active in the social channels and come up with new ways to engage with customers who spend their time through the social channels. Keep your potential clients up to date what is happening with your company, new products and more.  Find alternative ways to promote, without to forget about Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  5. Last, but not least is to Test, Test and Test more. This is the most successful and secure way to understand if you efforts will improve the e-commerce strategy in 2014. Don`t stop finding new methods, how to sell more and deliver awesome user experience.


Online merchants will have a lot of work in 2014, but this is the only way to be good at what you are doing or selling!

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