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| April 3, 2020

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eBay Will Offer Same-Day Delivery to 25 Cities in 2014

eBay Will Offer Same-Day Delivery to 25 Cities in 2014

| On 09, Jan 2014

Want to receive your favorite item at the same day? During 2014 this services will be available in 25 cities thanks to eBay. Shoppers can find their favorite items within eBay Collections and eBay Today.

So far the eBay Now services is available only Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and New York. Later this year, not only the US cities will take advantage of the services. This will allow eBay to get even better presence and higher buying experience.

EBay bought a company called “Shutl” which serves as a marketplace for couriers. The main idea behind this investment is to scale quickly and cost effectively within all marketplaces, doesn`t matter is it inside a country or worldwide.

An interesting option for the eBay Now is to allow customers to schedule their delivery. “Imagine you are at work, but during the lunch break you decide to buy a picnic basket for the upcoming weekend picnic.  Well, it will not be professional someone to step into the office with a picnic basket and put it next to your desk.” That`s why you can buy it at lunch, but receive it after work in appropriate for you time.

This is awesome move from the eBay in order to improve even more the user experience.  So far, the users in US can order items from a variety of retailers: Best Buy, Finish Line, GNC, Home Depot, Macy`s, Office Depot, RadioShack, Target, Toys R Us and Walgreens.

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