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| December 11, 2019

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Ecommerce Europe Demand Same Regulations for Online and Offline Sales

Ecommerce Europe Demand Same Regulations for Online and Offline Sales

| On 29, Oct 2015


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Ecommerce Europe, a European Union association for online merchants, did  agree on implementing restrictions on both online and offline enterprises which was presented yesterday on the 28th of October. They do welcome the policy proposals made by the Commission, but the ecommerce association suggested to avoid creating parallel legal frameworks.
Ecommerce Europe demand the same rules for online and offline sales.

Yesterday ecommerce Europe posted they’re opinion on their website, after the European Commission introduced the Single Market Strategy. In a PDF document, the Commission states how both the European Union and the Single Market (“one of Europe’s great achievements”) need to adapt to a changing environment.


Same rules for online and offline sales

The announcement also states that ecommerce Europe strongly believe in full harmonization of legal frameworks for cross-border sales in Europe and have requested for same provisions for online and offline shops. Furthermore, the commission is strongly focusing on cross border online sales, since there still are various barriers for online retailers who demand selling their products or services to customers from other countries.


Non-Discriminating prices

Ecommerce Europe has also managed to share their opinion of the Commission with honours to their focus on assisting SMEs as well as start-ups to expanding, but they do not quite agree in regards to the price differentiation. The Commission decided to end unfounded discrimination and geo-blocking practices, so that consumers are granted more access to online markets.

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