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| December 11, 2019

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Europe 2015: Mobile Commerce

Europe 2015: Mobile Commerce

| On 26, Oct 2015

In Europe, mobile commerce is continuously increasing its importance. Europe even has the highest ranking of mobile penetration rate worldwide. In addition, Europe’s online spending through mobile devices has doubled between 2014 and 2015 and has now reached a share of a whole 25%.

Since it is now clear that m-commerce plays an extremely important role in Europe (not only to consumers but also for online stores). As Google urged websites to make their pages mobile responsive, it is vital for online merchants to put their focus on mobiles.

We have prepared latest statistics on mobile in Europe, which will further help you in understanding how the latest trends are doing.


Countries with the highest mobile penetration rates

According to the research, Central and Eastern Europe rank the highest with 151%, Western Europe rank less by 22% leaving it with 129 %. To compare this, North America has 101%, whereas East Asia 92%. Quoting the author who conducted the research “These figures confirm the potential of m-commerce and the necessity for marketers to adapt to this trend.”



The research also revealed that UK consumers rank the highest in shopping through mobile devices, among the rest of the European countries. Germany and Spain rank in second and third place, whereas France ranks 6th in place, even though it is the third largest ecommerce market in Europe.




When it comes to online shopping through mobile devices, smartphones are the most used and popular devices in Europe. The only country which uses tablets (59%) more than smartphones for online shopping is Netherlands. Spain has the highest usage of smartphones among Europe with 75%, leaving it the country with the least usage of tablets.




If you would like to download the full infographic and research please click here.

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