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| December 11, 2019

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Facebook Tests its Ecommerce Marketplace

Facebook Tests its Ecommerce Marketplace

| On 04, Nov 2015

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Soon enough Facebook will allow people to sell their old household items on its “Local Market” as a substitute to Craigslist.

Facebook has recently done some small tests for its marketplace feature in the social-media app’s iOS version, where a market button had replaced the messenger button on the navigation bar right at the bottom of the screen.


By clicking on the button, it will lead users to a buy and sell ecommerce platform, which then can be sorted based on chosen locations. The product categorization is very alike to the concept found on Craigslist and most users will be familiar with it. Items can be browsed in segments which will include items such as: cars, antiques, clothing, books and many others.
Apart from these common categories, items have the option to also be filtered even more specifically into groups, such as: everything free and men’s clothing, thus making it easier for consumers to search for what they need.


Facebook’s platform will be providing better yet basic information that is needed for members in transactions through their Profiles and/or Pages, whereas Messenger will be great enough to be easing up the communication and coordination between them.

Even though the operation of this new ecommerce to-be platform is very straightforward, the company will not simplify direct transactions between individual consumers. To start and complete a sale on the new ecommerce platform, the seller should receive messages or comments on its post from the buyer’s prospective. It is still not clear how the transactions will work, but there are suggestions for peer-to-peer payment system. This was launched for Messenger back in March which could be one of the mediums.


The test corresponds with the social-media giant’s objective to expand its ecommerce activities. Just recently, it previewed the slide ad feature which helps small businesses reach a wider range of consumers from emerging markets that have poor internet connectivity.


Earlier it also claimed to be exploring ideas, which will assist in listing products better for users to be selling onto Groups, as well as Local Markets.


What are your insights on this? Do you think this would increase sales of online stores just because Facebook is a well-known social network and billions of people use it in their daily life?

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