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| December 11, 2019

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Facebook’s “Dislike Button” is Finally Coming!

Facebook’s “Dislike Button” is Finally Coming!

| On 16, Sep 2015

This is it folks! The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The “Dislike Button” is “very close” to having it ready for users to test it, said Mark Zuckerberg in a session held at Facebook’s headquarters in California.

Although maybe, it won’t be called “Dislike Button”. Mark says that he does not want it to be a procedure with which people could “down vote” other’s posts. Alternatively, it would be for occasions when clicking “like” on a “sad” post felt unemotional.

Prof Andrea Forte, who is an expert in social and a media member at Drexel University (Philadelphia), said that “users will not suddenly turn on each other’s posts”.

In a post uploaded by BBC news, an email written by Prof Forte said: “They may use a dislike button to express some negative emotions (like frustration with ads popping up in their feeds) but I doubt it will cause them to start wantonly disliking pictures of their friends’ babies, dogs, cats and cooking experiments.”

“I suspect it will mainly be used to express mild disapproval, or to express solidarity when someone posts about a negative event like a death or a loss.”

Here is the video of Mark Zuckerberg making the announcement at the headquarters in California:

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