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| April 3, 2020

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Google Bought DeepMind Start-Up Company

Google Bought DeepMind Start-Up Company

| On 28, Jan 2014

Google definitely is going deeper into the sphere of artificial intelligence. The latest news around this topic is the deal with the start-up London company called DeepMind.

It`s not clear the exact price, but the gossips are around £400m, which is claimed the top spot for Google, for the largest acquisition in Europe so far. The primary objectives of this artificial intelligence company are the algorithms and machine learning, primary for e-commerce and games.

At the bottom of this company are Demis Hassabis who is neuroscientist, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman. In 2012 Facebook had not succeed buying DeepMind, but at the end Google won this important battle.

This is not the only artificial intelligence acquisitions by Google. In 2013, the company bought Nest which is company learning thermostat and smart fire alarm system.  Also, later in 2013, Google bought the robotics company Boston Dynamics.

What will be the next purchase from Google? The time is front us, but the future looks very intelligence from Google point of view.

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