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| December 6, 2019

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How to Gain Customer engagement Through Omni-channel & Multi-channel Retailing

How to Gain Customer engagement Through Omni-channel & Multi-channel Retailing

| On 15, Sep 2015

Gaining customer engagement is not as easy as it looks. And so, we decided to write an article with some simple tips and tricks to help your e-commerce stores grow faster.

Using multi-channel e-commerce

If you want to gain and most importantly keep customers, you have to think about the many different ways and aspects that a customer can discover your business as well as products. Another thing you need to think about, is what they expect from your business.

Your e-store may be all nice and very alluring, but that simply does not make your business successful. Unfortunately you have to compete with the other 1000,000 nice and alluring e-stores. And this is where multi-channel comes in handy.
You need to start engaging in as many channels as possible, this is a 100% effective since it makes it easier for potential customers to find you. This may mean adding your store on eBay, Amazon or even listing your products on Google Shopping.
Getting your website or e-store to be responsive to mobile or tablet devices, is very effective and important for your brand’s image.

Examples of companies using multi-channel – Marks & Spenser, Asos.


Using Omni-channel retailing

Omni-channel follows from multi-channel, but it is more concentrated on providing a seamless approach to the consumer experience using all the available shopping channel (bricks and mortar, television, catalogue etc.).

Using Omni-channel, guarantees you more engaging customers. Omni-channel is a hot topic right now, and has motivated innovations such as Click & Collect or E-Motive’s Click & Fit feature. This a great technique to increase your bond with customers, which also results in increasing customer loyalty.

Another great advantage on Omni-channel is that it ensures more sales in more places. With Omni-channel retailing, e-shoppers can make purchases from all over the world, it grants retailers with inventory visibility and availability on the customer’s preferred channel. Through Omni-channel, e-shoppers have a broader selection of accessing that specific selection.

Below are some examples of how retailers can take advantage of Omni channel:

  • Online ordering
  • Encourage show rooms
  • Social media sharing

Examples of companies using Omni-channel – Starbucks, Sephora.


We hope you find these tips useful, and will further assist you in reaching a decision that suits you best.

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