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| December 11, 2019

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How to Increase Your Sales on eBay & Amazon

How to Increase Your Sales on eBay & Amazon

| On 24, Aug 2015

Without a doubt, the biggest online platforms for selling online are eBay and Amazon. Essentially, customers can find everything there and purchase it quickly. A smooth shopping experience and a significantly large variety of products are waiting to entice customers’ seeking that ‘certain’ item from those who are ‘new to the online retail world through to seasoned ‘e-purchasers’.

Sure, we all know how eBay or Amazon work , but it simply isn’t enough, especially if you are the ‘e-tailer’.  Those who seek the sales expansion through increased sales, need to focus more time and put their effort on their selling strategy to become more effective, we have proposed some basic, but must-do points.

The single most important aspect to focus on, when you start selling on these platforms is to prepare your item data perfectly well. Experts in this field call it “master item list”, where all your items are included. Try to divide them properly by unique number, categories, price etc. in order to be easier for the seller to keep track on them and advertise it for the right target audience. Here are even more detailed step by step tips:

  • For both eBay and Amazon right categories are exceptionally important in order for the user to find products quickly. Think; what is your best product matching category and post it there.
  • Amazon requires every product to have UPC (Universal Product Code), EAN (European Article Number) or ISDN (International Standard Book Number). These help sellers to check and avoid repeating items, or in creating a new one.
  • Title and description are a necessary part of your listing,they help the search engines find, analyse and rank your listing based on the quality, keyword importance (brand, colour, size etc.) and relevancy. A well structured listing helps users search better for the product you are selling,what condition the product is and find more information about it as a whole.
  • Images could be a good conversion method, when it comes to selling products in eBay or Amazon. They need to be high-quality, on white background and free from text.. Everyone can test with their listing and see whether this is the right strategy for them.
  • Set up good and competitive price is the next step. Look at your main competitor and see what they are offering more than you or what price points they have included. Consider also, the opportunity to decide either you will sell with a fixed-price, or an auction.
  • Last, but not least is the shipping. Shipping is a break point, especially if you are selling internationally. Free shipping is a key selling advantage in these online platforms.

Of course, every seller can differently build his selling strategy and see if it`s successful or not. These are general tips that have and continue to help sellers reach good user experiences, ensuring customers return to their site and ultimately brand strength is heightened, sales increase and they earn more.

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