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| December 11, 2019

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Is Your Customer Support Good Enough?

Is Your Customer Support Good Enough?

| On 12, Oct 2015

We all have experienced as a customer that a responsive customer support is really important, so why not offer it to your clients? We have already mentioned in many of our articles that merchants who respond to customer emails within 24 hours receive 50% less negative feedback – which is something every company dealing with customers is striving for. So to be sure that everything is running right in the customer service department, we are sharing 5 key metrics obtained from ReplyManager, that are going to indicate the performance of your support staff.


Usual Response Time

The time it takes you to respond to a customer. Are you more being more responsive to contacts from one specific channel and is this intentional or accidental? Are you in need of more resources for a particular type of query, such as technical support enquires, or is there a time of the day when your support service lags?


The Average Resolve Time

The time length it takes your staff to resolve issues. Is your staff capable of resolving issues promptly and if they’re not do you need to give them more freedom in issuing return permissions or credit notes? Are you more prone to support staff need to access tech support or managers to cut down you resolving time?


User Activity

Are you aware of the staff member who is most active of all? The one who swings the lead and who’s spending the most time helping resolve your customer’s queries?


The Average Handle Time by User

If you’ve got one member of staff who takes twice as long to handle support calls as everyone else do you think they need more training? Or are they one member of your team who provides the best possible service and the rest are the ones who should be learning from their excellence? Are you aware of the average time it takes to respond to a customer when they contact you?


Unreplied Email Summary

Do you know how many outstanding support tickets you have for eBay and other platforms that you’re selling on, including your website? Don’t go check them now. Are those emails outstanding simply for the fact that there is no one who has got to them yet? Or are they outstanding as they could not be responded to by the first person that has read the emails? What about the queries? Are they escalating already? Are they requiring someone else’s input or are customers still waiting for someone to reply?


There is so much to think about in this sphere and despite the methods you are using for managing customer support, those are some good question to be asking yourself and your team. In case your company does not own a software solution in assisting the team, it’s absolutely worth having a look at how your support team measures up, especially with the holiday season ahead of us, which is the busiest time of the year and streamlining your processes will have the greatest impact.

ReplyManager has a 15 day free trail is the needed support to help you get all set up, just in case you are interested.

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