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| December 11, 2019

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The Key to a Successful Global e-Commerce Website

The Key to a Successful Global e-Commerce Website

| On 27, Jul 2015

Many people in today’s world speak English natively and have enjoyed surfing many various websites. Companies have finally grasped that there are millions of people who cannot read neither can they understand English. And this greatly impacts on their purchase decisions. Henceforth, companies have started increasing the availability of various languages of their websites to further reach out potential clients/customers.

Thanks to Common Sense Advisory, they’ve made an experiment and surveyed 3,002 consumers in 10 countries to test in theory, whether companies can increase their sales by localizing their websites. The results were astonishing, because they found a significant amount of people preferring their mother tongue. Moreover, outcomes showed that the majority of the respondents only shop from e-stores which offer information in their native language.

Even Don DePalma (Founder of Common Sense Advisory) thought that, many companies accepted the fact that a sufficient amount of people on the internet are satisfied with English, particularly when purchasing expensive products. But the obtained information showed otherwise.

With the above mentioned information, now you know the importance of localizing e-commerce websites to every targeted country.

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