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| January 28, 2020

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M2E Pro Started Charging Fees

M2E Pro Started Charging Fees

| On 23, Oct 2015

Well, the results from the M2E survey came out. As we remember, the famous Magento-to- eBay extension was provided to us for free ever since it was launched. But, unfortunately M2E Pro made their announcement, and they will be charging fees.

The only way to use M2E Pro for free, is if your 30 days total sales are less than $1000 and if your number of listings do not exceed 10,000. If you exceed those limits then you’d be paying somewhere from $19.00 to $999.00 per month. Marketplaces are all grouped up (by countries) and defined as eBay, Amazon America, Amazon Europe and Rakuten. Bottom line is you could even get about four invoices, it all depends on how many accounts you’re using. Also, if you do not deliver your payments on time and M2E are not able to collect fees, your M2E pro service will be suspended.


M2E Pro said:

“As you may know, we have been closely working with our partner – eBay during last 4 years and have delivered best in class solution to dozens of thousands of Magento based merchants worldwide. We are very grateful to eBay for taking the lead and fully subsidizing m2e pro (eBay) during all these years. Without eBay’s support many thousands of merchants would not be able to take advantage of power of selling on multi channels“.



Tamebay comments state that users are completely dissatisfied with this, many users asked for M2E alternatives. Please feel free to write your insights on this in the comment box below, we also are interested in what you have to say.

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