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| December 11, 2019

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The Magento WordPress Integration

The Magento WordPress Integration

| On 21, Sep 2015

Even though Magento is widely used and far more preferred than WordPress, there are still a lot of secret admirers of WordPress in the Magento community. Despite the fact that Magento provides extremely strong e-commerce abilities with support for complex product differences and several shipping options, it’s completely lacking in CMS features. Therefore, many websites combine WordPress and Magento, so that they can take advantage of each platform’s distinctive strengths.

And so, this is where James Kemp stepped in. He invented the bridge that connects WordPress and Magento, so that they can work together. Meet James Kemp’s Magento WordPress Integration plugin, which does all the fancy footwork needed to make your Magento shop look like your WordPress site.

Kemp has been developing the Magento WordPress Integration plugin for years now, and managed to successfully provide the easiest ways to get blocks, sessions and products from your Magento store and it is also capable of doing:

  • Bring out any Magento block into WordPress
  • Populate your Magento blocks into wordpress easily
  • Display of Magento items on a WordPress post or page by using the short code add-on
  • Displays products from any category using the widget add-on


The plugin is completely free for download as well. According to an article on WpTavern, it states that the plugin more than 10,000 downloads. Kemp has made the code available on BitBucket, hoping that the public will help to spark up the involvement.

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