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| January 28, 2020

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The Man Who Bought A Piece Of Desert From eBay and Made His Own Country

The Man Who Bought A Piece Of Desert From eBay and Made His Own Country

| On 21, Dec 2015

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Zaq Landsberg had a great idea of creating his own country, after seeing an ad for eBay. He bought two hectares of land for just €550 in the Great Salt Lake in northern Utah (USA).

The land was so affordable that he even checked if what he was doing was legal, and thought it was absolutely worth it.

Today this area has become the Republic of Zaqistan, a remote place of incredible loneliness, “so quiet you can actually hear the heartbeat.”


The construction of a community in Zaqistan has been debated between senior officials of the Republic, but quite a distant goal. It is 80km from the nearest gas station and more than 20km are only dirt roads. Summer is brutally hot and cold at night.

Zaq is very serious about his small country, his main goal is to make it a real country after all.
He even has real passports and 500 citizens from at least 12 different countries, and more 250 people who are in the process of handling to get a passport.


Stakeholders have it easy, “the only condition is really to want to be a Zaquistani citizen and fill out form.” Furthermore, there are many exiled Tibetans who are citizens Zaqistan only.

In 2006 a program of Tibetan studies in Dharamsala (India), and tell their fellow Hindus what was Zaqistan floor, they wanted to be part of the small state. At that time, “Zaqistan was a reactionary Bush administration joke”, however, the tragic truth is that it was the only entity that granted residency to these people.

The project started to get stronger after this and “got interested more by the concepts of borders and nation”, he recalls.


Some picture of the country:

the-man-who-bought-a-piece-of-desert-from-ebay-and-mounted-his-own-country (2)
Gateway. Since 2010 serves as passport control, customs and immigration.


14498533975741 (1)
Zaqistan campers

the-man-who-bought-a-piece-of-desert-from-ebay-and-mounted-his-own-country (3)

*Some wild flowers.



the-man-who-bought-a-piece-of-desert-from-ebay-and-mounted-his-own-country (3)
This robot is the guardian of the Republic of Zaqistan.


Zaqistan’s gateway. Victory Arch. It was built in 2009 and represents a ‘non-specific victory’.



After seeing these pictures, why wouldn’t you want to be a citizen of the Republic of Zaqistan?

Furthermore, if by any chance, you are willing to buy some land and make another country, then you know the place, right?

EBay, because of you, miracles continue to happen!

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