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| December 6, 2019

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Top 5 European Countries For Expanding Your Business

Top 5 European Countries For Expanding Your Business

| On 13, Aug 2015

Many business people and entrepreneurs are holding back on where to choose to expand their business or even where to open one. Well, we did our homework, and we are going to show you the top 5 European countries which are suitable enough for you to expand your business.

They are as follows:

  1. Denmark: This is one of the world’s most entrepreneurial countries. The government there, makes it easy to start-up businesses. Also, Denmark is ranked among the top 15 countries with macroeconomic stability, healthy budget surpluses and low levels of public indebtedness. Denmark also ranks #9 for economic freedom, trade freedom, monetary freedom, and property rights.
  2. Ireland: Searching for a country with personal freedom? Ireland is the one for you! This country ranks at the top for personal freedom and is  #5 for economic freedom (exceeding Denmark), and has a fairly low tax weight.  Ireland also has one of the most advanced and competitive telecommunications infrastructures in Europe.
  3. Norway: Norway is not only politically stable but it is also a highly developed country, with a very strong economy. Norway ranks #11 among Central European and Scandinavian countries with very low corruption rate. It is also rich in resources such as gas, oil, hydropower, fish and some minerals.
  4. Bulgaria: Among the Balkan Peninsula countries, Bulgaria has the highest rank in the Foreign Policy Magazine’s Baseline Profitability Index. Bulgaria is described as a home of advanced IT centres. Bulgaria is also a member of the European Union, NATO and WTO. The country has the most favourable tax regime in Europe. The corporate income tax rate is 10%, the lowest in the EU. The country also has one of the most competitive costs of labor in Central and Eastern Europe, and it also is a great country to live in.
  5. Poland: Poland is also a great place to expand your business. Poland is also a member of the EU and NATO. The country has a 38 million strong consumer market and is also one of the biggest in Europe. The Polish Special Economic Zones (SEZ) offers attractive tax exemptions, employment incentives and invites investors to locate their projects in 14 of the SEZ. It is also rich in culture heritage and history.

All the countries above are extremely great to live in, have great insights and are outstanding for expanding or even opening a new business! We hope this information is helpful enough with choosing the right country to expand your business.

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