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| December 11, 2019

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Top 5 Most Innovative Business Cards

Top 5 Most Innovative Business Cards

| On 16, Oct 2015

A great business card may not definitely ensure your business’s success, but it sure will help a bit! A business card can and will make a difference in the first impression that you have on someone.

The cards we are about to share with you today are surely made to stay with you, either psychologically or physically.

And so today, we will be sharing with you 5 of the most innovative and some quite useful business cards that might get you thinking about how you want to present yourself or your business!


First one up, is this amazing Yoga business card. This type of business card is perfect for your Yoga club.
Advertising agency: ‘Marked for Trade’



Second up is this divorce lawyer business card. Let’s face it, it is horrible but it is also very creative. It even has contact information on both sides.



3rd on our list is the “Fitness trainer’s Tearable Business Card”. This fitness business card helps you strip away your belly!

Advertising agency: Leo Burnett, UAE


Next up is on top of the creativity of all! It’s ‘Hair Dresses Business Card’. It is not only creative but it is fun to have and a 100% to keep!


The designer of this amazing business card is Igor Perkusic.


Last on our list is another creative Yoga Business Card. It is quite simple yet outstandingly creative. AND the card rolls, exactly like a yoga mat. How amazing is that!




Moral of the story, get your business card to stand out of the crowd, which might seriously lead to great results, cause organic traffic and because of “word of mouth” being so powerful and next thing you know your business might be reaching outstanding profit numbers.

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