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| December 11, 2019

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Top 5 Richest Entrepreneurs In The World

Top 5 Richest Entrepreneurs In The World

| On 07, Aug 2015

Yesterday’s article was about the richest women in the tech sector, so today, we decided to write about the richest entrepreneurs in the world, just in case you’re in need of more inspiration to start your business.

Even though it may seem that growing into a venture capitalist is the best route for many entrepreneurs, the case isn’t always like that. Many of the fortunate entrepreneurs are happy with giving guidance and advices to the youthful generations. So, below are shown some of the world’s richest entrepreneurs, to inspire you even more.


First in place, is of course, Bill Gates. No list of richest entrepreneurs would be complete without Bill Gates. He is worth more than $77 billion and the best part is that he donates millions to charities. Gates is also one of the enthusiastic entrepreneurs giving out advices and inspiration to the youngsters and geeks around the world. You can see an example of how he influences youngsters in this article.


2nd richest entrepreneur in the world, is the Spanish retailer- Amancio Ortega. His fashion giant the Inditex Group served him millions for a long time. Last year (2014), Ortega was worth up to $60 billion, regardless of the fact that he stepped down from Inditex (he still does own most stakes in the company).  No matter what some people say, Ortega is pure proof that pursuing your passion can work out great!


Next on the list is Mark Zuckerberg. The founder of the biggest social media monster on planet Earth – Facebook! Zuckerberg is a great inspiration, he continues to manage, operate and own the business completely in his own terms. Last year, Zuckerberg’s net worth grew from $15 billion up to £34 billion!

Zuckerberg is also a great example that you do not need to be at a certain age, or have a lot of capital to start a business and become a young, successful entrepreneur.


Unexpectedly, in 4th place is the Thai entrepreneur with $11.3 billion – Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi (we bet most of you have no idea who he is). Charoen (we’re sticking with first name on this one) is the founder of Thai Beverage (in 1995), which by 2014 became the biggest beverage brewer in his country!


Last is the richest entrepreneur in China – Li Hejun with $10 billion. In 1994, Li Hejun founded the Hanergy Holding Group, which manufactures solar panels and other similar tools. According to many business magazines, Li Hejun is one of the reasons why China is investing in building more solar power than the U.S.


So, are you motivated enough to be the next billionaire/millionaire? With the above inspiring entrepreneurs, your answer should be a strong “yes”. After all you do not need to be a master in technology to be successful – If a middle aged Thai brewer can do it, so can you!


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