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| September 19, 2019

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Top 5 Tips for International eCommerce Success

Top 5 Tips for International eCommerce Success

| On 23, Sep 2015

Developing into international markets is a significant way to expand your business and increase revenue. One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce is the opportunity to reach out to new international customer bases without needing a physical presence in the country.

Online merchants keep looking more and more for international markets, especially given the increasing growth of ecommerce in countries which were at first slower in accepting online shopping. For instance, bestowing to a report from Forrester Research, online shopping is expected to continue growing at 15% per year in UK, whereas the annual growth in Spain and Italy is foreseen to reach 19% and 16% accordingly.

However, before making the jump across the border, we are going to share with you 5 points to consider in order to maximise your chance of international success.

So, if you’ve done your research, and there is a sufficient demand for your product/service in international markets, then keep reading.


Presales/ postsales: Customer service

Customer service is of significant importance, especially if you are expanding internationally. Customer service is vital to an expanding company, because in most cases it is the only contact a customer has. Certain customers spend hundreds and some even thousands of pounds/dollars per year with a company. And so in return, customers expect a company’s customer service department to resolve their concerns.
Furthermore, companies with excellent customer service are more likely to gain customer loyalty and even have the potential of bringing in new customers, because trust us, word of mouth is a very powerful tool. Which leads to greater sales and profits.
On the contrary, companies having poor customer service may lose customers, which leads to a negative impact on the business, bad reputation and decrease of revenue. It costs a lot more money to gain a customer than to retain them, because of the advertising expenses and the costs of the sales calls. Hence, the sweats that go into upholding quality customer service can really pay dividends over time.


Offer your website in several languages

If you thought that English is a widely spoken language, think again. According to an article from UK Techtrans, 70% of the world does not speak English, and yet 57% of websites showing their content in English. Another thing you should be knowing is that more than half of the Google searches are in any other language, but not in English (again obtained from UK Techtrans).
So, if you can provide your customers with specific URLs for every country you are vending in, it will not only increase customer trust, but it will also increase your appearance in search engines.


People prefer purchasing items from around the corner

If you are going to expand internationally, you are going to need a place to store your goods in. Many brands and manufactures want to tap into the power of selling online but do not have place to storing their products. Having a warehouse with your items stored in it makes it available to buyers when required. Appropriate and adequate arrangements to retail the goods in perfect condition are essential for your business’s success.

3 core benefits of having a warehouse:

  • Time utility – Warehouses create time utility by bringing the time gap between the production and consumption of goods.
  • Store of surplus goods – Goods are often produced in anticipation of demand and need to be preserved properly until they are demanded by customers.
  • Price stabilization – Warehouses decrease fierce fluctuations in prices by storing goods when their supply exceeds demand. Then releasing them when the demand is more than immediate productions.


Appear first in search results

If you want people to be able to find your products, then you need listing optimization. In other words, listing optimization is: maximising your product’s visibility in search engines. Which is EXTREMELY important. “The best place to bury a dead body is page 2 of Google Search Results”, so if you want your business to be reached and gain organic traffic, listing optimization is the answer. Your competitors are doing it, so if you’re not taking actions for moving forward and improving your position, then you’re losing ground to a competitor who is. So, do not let your competitors out maneuver you by ignoring this valuable tool for your business.


Alternative distribution channels

The greatest ways of testing the waters of an international market is by using marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. By using these developed marketplaces, you can take advantage of their qualified base of customers. Furthermore, Amazon has expanded across Europe, which means that you can now sell your products in UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. This way, the only concern for online retailers would be restocking and pricing of products.


We hope you take these key points under consideration, as all of them are crucial for the success of an international e-commerce company. Also, feel free to visit our website, we still have some quite appealing deals that might just be the solution you are looking for.

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