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| January 28, 2020

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UK Consumers are Expected to Purchase Half of their Christmas Presents Online

UK Consumers are Expected to Purchase Half of their Christmas Presents Online

| On 14, Oct 2015

E-shopping is increasing in importance and in number of shoppers every day. Especially in the Q4 of the year, where all people are preparing themselves with gifts for the holiday season to present them right on time!

E-stores prepare yourselves because this year only 76% e-shoppers said that they WILL purchase half of their Christmas gifts online this year! (And to support this sentence, please click here)

This amazing report published by Yodel, also illustrates that 29% of UK consumers have already began with their purchases for Christmas. Furthermore, only 5% of women and 13% of men stated that they would leave the Christmas shopping for the last minute. The survey from Yodel was completed in the 2nd week of September.


Here’s a more detailed information in numbers:

Generally, 18% of consumers said that they would start their Christmas shopping in October, 25% stated they’ll start in November; and 23% stated they wouldn’t start gift purchases until December.

September got the 1st place! People in UK have already started their search for Christmas gifts. As we have already mentioned 76% said that they’ll be buying they’re presents online this year, and only 3% think they’ll be getting everything from offline businesses.


Another research made by Yodel says that “only 8% of the shoppers surveyed placed an online order on Black Friday 2014, 30% said that they will participate in the internet promotions this year, which will take place on 27 November.”


Dick Stead, executive chairman of Yodel, said:

“The advent of online shopping, speed of delivery and pre-Christmas promotions has changed the way we shop and we wanted to understand consumers’ shopping trends. The results are important because they give a clear idea of what to expect over the coming months as we plan for big spikes in the number of parcels that we deliver to shoppers, as well as return to retailers.

“It’s good to see that so many people have already started their shopping, and we are well prepared to handle the huge numbers of orders that are still to be bought.”


And so if your e-store isn’t all prepared for the holiday season, check out this article that will help you in getting all settled!

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