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| December 11, 2019

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UK’s Black Friday Online Shopping and E-commerce Sales Set to Double

UK’s Black Friday Online Shopping and E-commerce Sales Set to Double

| On 26, Nov 2015

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Researches suggests that retailers could expect spending to double this year – but this month’s payday could be postponing customer’s shopping until Cyber Monday.

According to PCA Predict, e-commerce is going to fling against last year. Co-founder Jamie Turner mentioned that online sales could just double:


After experiencing the overwhelming appetite from consumers last year, we expect even more retailers to join in this year and could see activity double the levels we saw in 2014.


Previously experts have predicted that the day could be UK’s first ever time to reach £1bn online shopping day.


Mobile transactions are also said to fling, as nearly one in three buyers are now making their purchases on mobile devices.


Yet the only thing that is going to stop all the fun is the payday. Or at least it will be delaying it. If you recall last year, payday unexpectedly coincided with Black Friday, but this year it won’t be until Monday. As shoppers wait for wages to hit their bank accounts, online sales are doubtful to actually reach their peak until Cyber Monday, or to be specific, according to experts’ forecasts, at 11am Monday. – These people even know at what time your wages will hit your bank accounts.


Most probably people are switching to online stores, just for the fact that they want to avoid the crowds in shops.


We all remember last year. It was a massive chaos in lots of stores. Retailers that were not well prepared ran out of stock quite fast, policemen had to be called at several location across the country, as fights broke out over the best deals.


According to a recent survey, it suggests that many have been put off by this experience, as only 38% of Brits plan to hit shops on Black Friday as opposed to the 44% last year.


We have one question, and it is aimed to retailers.

So retailers, is the end of the month a problem for your sales?

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