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| January 28, 2020

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UK’s Secret for Successful eCommerce has been Revealed

UK’s Secret for Successful eCommerce has been Revealed

| On 09, Sep 2015

Today we are going to share with you a very interesting article about the success of UK’s eCommerce. We are going to answer questions like what makes UK one of the eCommerce leaders in Europe, what the UK marketplace is like, or what the bestselling categories among British online buyers are. The article will also include information about UK’s shipping, UK’s buying behavior and UK’s consumer anticipations.

Although, many people think that the British weather is one of the core factors encouraging local people to do their purchases online rather than doing their shopping through the rainy streets. There’s actually more to it, even though it sounds very alluring. Yes, it may often rain in Britain, but the success of the UK’s eCommerce market is because of other factors than just the weather.

To answer your question “What is the UK marketplace like?”
We know that UK is quite small compared to the US, China or Japan, but for Europe UK is the centre for the online shoppers. According to Webinterpret, UK buyers spend more money per capita online rather than in other countries. In an article published by eMarketer, B2C e-commerce sales in the UK were almost 3 times higher than in the second largest Western European market Germany.

To sum it up, UK’s marketplace is very competitive, customer-oriented and has an enormous buying power. Britain has an excellent digital infrastructure, incredibly high population and percentage of online GDP.

Here are some basic facts about the online sales of UK (provided by webinterpret):

  1. 54% of the UK stores have the opinion that Amazon delivers the best opportunity to sell on international marketplaces.
  2. 65% of UK’s sellers state that between 21% and 30% of their online sales comes from international marketplaces.

To answer your question about the bestselling categories among British marketplaces, they are as follows:

  1. Consumer tech (from famous brands)
  2. Fashion products
  3. Accessories
  4. Vintage products

Here is a link that can provide you a list of the bestselling categories among UK’s sellers that sell internationally.

Here are the factors behind UK’s e-Commerce success:

  1. The English language
  2. The location
  3. Minor shipping costs
  4. Use of Credit and Debit cards
  5. The Smartphones
  6. Infrastructure and logistics
  7. Competitive and customer-oriented market
  8. Friendly return policy for customers

For more detailed information about the factors mentioned above please click here.

As in for the shipping and what UK online shoppers expect from deliveries, find out below:

  • They expect, an efficient and a proactive type of communication through either texts, phone lines or emails (particularly when delivery issues occur, which is very often).
  • A non-premium rate phone numbers to contact their couriers.

Online sellers out there, we hope the information provided in this article was useful enough for you in improving your business. If you think we’ve left out some information or want to add your personal opinion, please feel free to add it in the comment box below.

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