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| December 6, 2019

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Why to Invest In the E-Commerce Sector before Brazil World Cup 2014

Why to Invest In the E-Commerce Sector before Brazil World Cup 2014

| On 24, Mar 2014

Everyone is waiting and preparing for one of the biggest sports events during 2014 – FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Without a doubt, it will be a glamorous event, but not only for visitors can benefit from it. Businesses, also can have positive impact from Brazil World Cup.

Brazil is one of the trending countries with regards to economic growth and a perfect place to expand your business internationally.

Why to Invest in Brazil?

If your business is related with the digital markets, now it`s the time to build a good strategy how to take a piece of this market.  The statistic predicts that around 107.7 million Brazilians or half of the population (53.1%) will have an access to Internet by the end of 2014. The trend will remain positive till 2017, reaching around 60% of the Brazil population to use Internet. Here, we are not talking only about e-shopping, but for e-browsing also. If you offer market related product or services, you are on the way to go to success.

Why before the World Cup?

Let’s look at some of the key points why to “rush” and integrate digital strategy right before this event:

  • Without a doubt, this is event that is gathering a massive “traffic” of people from all over the world and “the best” place to sell or provide a service.
  • Became a part of the digital market in Brazil after the World Cup. You will be already a popular brand and implementing another strategy could be easier.
  • South America is not that develop within the digital sphere. This could be one long-business strategy.

Taking new business adventures is always tough and challenging, but most of the times the risk pays back. Take a step ahead.

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